We are Solutionlifestyle. Retirement living options. An active retirement living service, specializing in all-inclusive accommodation. Our service uses escrow, in the form of membership, on a platform that protects your money, and delivers. Travel, accommodation, food, meals, snacks, beverages and activities.

Our Service

Full time retirement living or snowbird island hopping. The escrow-membership platform by SunKlub offers furnished clean accommodation. Fully stocked kitchen, bathroom, bar and clean fresh bedroom bedding for your active retirement living experience. Our service delivers your best retirement living options, on agreed budget. For free no hassle information, email to: info@solutionlifestyle.org

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Founded in 2008 by Peter Dopson. SunKlub( Solutionlifestyle ) is known for it’s all-inclusive retirement and snowbird living accommodation service.

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Email to : info@solutionlifestyle.org

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Kawartha Lakes, Ontario Canada.

Solutionlifestyle is not a financial service. We manage your retirement and snowbird accommodation.